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Image courtesy of Curtis Bryant

Kim Dacres (b.1986, Bronx, New York) is a first-generation Jamaican American.  She received her Bachelor's degree from Williams College as dual major Art Studio and Political Science, and a minor in Africana Studies. She received her Masters in Education (Teaching English as Second Language K-12) from Lehman College at the City University of New York.​ Kim worked for 10 ten years as an educator in New York City public and charter schools prior to transitioning her career to being a full time artist. She digs on documentaries, sports, civics, being a fluid mover of social spaces, teamwork, and a universal spirit. Kim approaches her work with Enthusiasm for life and Accountability for the stories of everyday people of color. Her work explores themes of pride, resistance, and silence through the combination and manipulation of tires inspired by intimate narratives. Kim currently lives and works in Harlem.